Promotional Films

The entire world of social media is changing how we, as photographers, do business. While behind-the-scenes images are great, Seniors (especially) EXPECT more… soon all clientele will expect more. With a professionally created promotional film, you can brand your business as THE portrait experience in your area – because you actually showcase your experience with an incredibly, dreamy film – on your website, on your social media & in your emails to your clients.

You & I brainstorm together to come up with exactly what you envision for your film. You may want a styled shoot or the perfect example of a session from start to finish – the sky is seriously the limit. Then I travel to you & we create the most incredible film to boost your business & build confidence in your brand for future clients. We can also set up an additional day for a Senior Films mentorship while I’m there so that you can learn how to shoot video, too!

Promotional films are $1500 plus travel & can be broken up into monthly payments. Please contact me for available dates.

Staci Gahm Photography, Texas:

Conference 12/Seniorologie, Miami, FL:

Teri Fode Photography, California:

Heather Kline Photography, Florida & Georgia:

Everlasting Impression Photography, Illinois:

Jessica Pearson Photography, Minnesota:

Jamie Smith Photography, Minnesota:

Jenni Bella Photography, Ohio:

Victoria Bidez Photography, Georgia:

Urban Willow Photography, Illinois:

Nicole Pfiffer Photography, Michigan:

Mackenzie Lee Photography, Indiana:

Katie Brock Photography, Minnesota: