3 Tips to DREAMIER Video!!! | Video for Photogs

One of my top goals when creating any & every film is to make certain that it is DREAMY, DREAMY, DREAMYYYYYYY… I want it feel very ethereal & behind-the-scenes; I want it to purposely look, seem & feel different than reality. WHY? Well, it keeps my audience’s attention! Today, I’m going to share with you my top 3 tips for making films that exude that ethereal feeling:

Tip 1:  I don’t film every clip in focus. I purposely film ENTIRE clips completely out of focus. Why? Life is IN focus – the things around you are generally in focus when you look at them. That means focus is a NORMAL thing we encounter. To keep my audience’s attention, I capture footage that is NOT normal; something to make them oohhh & ahhhh!

Tip 2:  I actually tell my client NOT to look at the camera – unless & until I specifically say to. Here’s the thing: When my subject looks up into my lens, I want it to be impactful on my audience. I want that moment of eye contact to be captivating & riveting. That won’t happen if most or all clips include eye contact with the camera.

Tip 3:  Details, details, details… I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. Details are KEY to making your films incredible! I can’t stress this enough. Details MAKE your film. Why? Just as with Tip 1, footage that shows you everything that’s going on is NORMAL. Normal is BORING. As I type this, I think what would I do if I were filming someone typing this? I could film them sitting on the couch in the pj’s (yep, that’s what I’m doing LOL), typing on their computer… OR I could film their fingers typing away on just the keyboard. What’s more interesting? The detail of the hands & keyboard! Why? Well, real life shows us the whole picture. If you’re sitting in the room with someone typing – you see ALL OF THAT. The person – the person sitting on the couch – the person sitting on the couch typing on the computer. But what you DON’T see is JUST their hands typing. DIFFERENT is what MAKES your films come to life & it’s what keeps your audience watching until the very end…

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