5 Tips to Better Video. Enjoy! | Senior Films

1.) Stabilize your camera. You need a monopod. Here’s the one I use (and love): MY MONOPOD

2.) Start your session with photos. Believe it or not, video can be intimidating to your Senior, so break the ice by starting with portraits.

3.) SHOW them. Whatever it is you want them to do in the film: show them. If you SHOW them, they won’t have any doubts about what they are doing & if it’s correct; this will prevent any hesitation on their part during filming.

4.) Keep It Simple. Find simple things for them to do in the film: walking down a lane, opening a door, twirling, blowing bubbles, hopping in their car, opening a book. If it becomes complicated, they may become confused and/or you may draw a blank when trying to figure out what to have them do… just make it easy.

5.) Film lots of details. Film their earrings, or their car keys dangling in their hands. Film the rims of their truck driving by, or their shoes walking through the grass. Their reflection in a water puddle or their class ring. Details are important. Film them. 🙂

6.) Six tips? I know, I said five but this one is the best yet: Come to the Senior Films Workshop in March. Learn the true A to Z of creating your own Films!


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