And the secret is…

The cat is out of the bag!!!!

It’s WORKSHOP time!

The Senior Films Workshop is launching this week & since it is LIMITED to only 8 seats, YOU want to make sure your booty is in one of them!!! Add video to your skillset; add a new offering to your clientele; set yourself apart in this competitive market!

Every day from now until Monday, June 5th (when seats go LIVE) – new details will be revealed on the Senior Films Instagram: @Senior Films  Make sure you are following along! Now, here’s the REAL secret: you don’t have to wait until Monday for all of the info. Wanna be the first to know??? Wanna know the deets, the location, the cost before everyone else??? GET ON THE LIST:

Those signed up on the SF Freebies list will be THE FIRST TO KNOW IT ALL anddddd maybe, just maybe, will get an early chance at those 8 seats!!! What?! Yep – sign up!!!