Black FriYAY Sale!!!! | Who doesn’t love that?!?

Who doesn’t love a Black Friday Sale?!?

Every year I go all out for Black Friday & this year is NOOOOOO different… In fact, I’m starting the sale EARLY just for YOU! Now until December 1st, I have some INCREDIBLE sales & freebies that you are sure to love!


First, my Payment Plans Class is ONLY $99!!! WUT?! Ummm, yay.

Second, my Pricing Restructure is ONLY $399 & you get the Payment Plan Class for FREE!!!

Third, I have 3 (ONLY 3) spots for 2018 Promotional/Brand Films for JUST $1000 plus travel!!!


Finally, the release of something HUGEEEEE is coming December 15th: my In-Person-Sales Class – all on videos for you to watch at your own pace WITH the Payment Plan Class. Step by step instructions on how I conduct my consultations (and making the sale AT the consultation), step by step instructions on creating a payment plan that will get your average sale UP, UP, UP & finally, step by step instructions on how to have an IPS appointment that is completely stress free – all while making that income you’ve always wanted… Why would I teach this??? With an average Senior portrait sale of OVER $5,000, & a tried and true method of explaining my pricing to my clients, I have developed a smooth process that allows my clients to feel informed, comforted & EXCITED to pay… And I’m serious!

So, how is this a Black Friday Sale if it doesn’t come out until December 15th? Two Ways: 1 – Purchase a Senior Films Workshop seat during the sale & receive the IPS Class for FREE -OR- Preorder the class for just $250. (Will normally be $399!).

PRE-ORDER HERE OR Sign Up For the Senior Films Workshop & Receive it FREE HERE!


OHHHHHHH & one more thing… Mentoring. For a SELECT FEW winter & early spring dates, I will be offering my Senior Photography one-on-one mentoring for $900 – IF it is booked by December 15th! Hurry, don’t miss out!

Contact me HERE for more info on the Photography Mentoring