Commercials Suck!

Yes, yes they do…

For the most part, commercials simply interrupt our favorite shows.

Okay, wait a minute! WHYYYY?!

Old school commercials worked for a reason. You had a captive audience & something to share with them. You may very well have that right in your area!
Do you have a local movie theater? Our local theater (a small one) charges a MINIMAL amount per month to run a commercial for 30-60 seconds TWICE before every single movie they play.

AND THE BEST PART??? I made the commercial myself using footage I already had of a former Senior – so the actual commercial cost me: $0.00!!! I simply pay a small fee to have it aired.

Here’s the catch:

The audience is captive, yes – BUT the content of the commercial has to EYE CATCHING & EMOTION PROVOKING to make the audience put down their phones & watch… It needs to draw viewers in & get them to contact me pronto with the phone they have right in their hand (you’ll see how I did that at the end of the film)!!!

The Reflections Studio Commercial from TRS & Senior Films: Anne McCabe on Vimeo.