Continuing Education

Continuing education is HUGE for any career… but for those of us who are self-employed, continuing-ed is V-I-T-A-L. Not only do I own The Reflections Studio – specializing in Senior & Wedding Portraits & Films – but I’m also a Realtor, licensed in the State of Florida. I am currently enrolled in one photography continuing-ed class & TWO real estate continuing-ed classes… Not that my plate isn’t full enough, but I know that staying up to date with the latest & greatest info is an asset that I cannot afford to miss.

The state mandates continuing ed for Realtors but no-one mandates it for photographers – which means it’s up to you. It’s up to you to push yourself; it’s up to you to stay up with your customers & fully understand how to reach them; it’s up to you to learn new technology & put it to use in your business or your business will become stale. Let’s be honest. We all can name someone who is stuck in the 1980/1990’s photography rut… and guess who else can name them??? YOUR AUDIENCE!

Have you invested in yourself this year? Have you decided to put yourself in the lead in your area? Have you booked your continuing education yet???

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