1-2-3-4-5 Are you measuring up???


Is your branding measuring up???

Several years ago, I heard a photographer say that your brand should appeal to all five senses. (Pretty sure it was the amazing Sarah Petty… but I’m not 100% on that – however, she is incredible so look her up!) Anyways, back to those 5 senses. I should appeal to all five senses of my clients? Yes. Yes, I should & so should you! Why would you want to do that? Well, appealing to all five senses means you are setting the tone for client comfort & connection. When you appeal to all five senses, you become RECOGNIZABLE & FAMILIAR to your audience/clientele. When your clients feel comfortable with you, they feel comfortable SPENDING with you. So how exactly do you appeal to all 5 senses of your clients???

Here’s how I do it:

1. Sight: well, this one’s easy. My brand/logo is easy on the eyes (easy to read) & appears all over my social media. In addition (and just as important as my logo), my work – it is visually appealing & is consistent so my clients KNOW my work when they see it – even if they don’t spot my logo right away on an image (or film) – they KNOW it belongs to me.

2. Smell: My studio has a signature smell. Umm, yes, you read that right. A SIGNATURE scent. Pumpkin Spice. WHY? Because it is inviting; it smells like baked goods in the oven – as if you are at home for the holidays & don’t want to leave. It invites you to sit & stay awhile – my clients enjoy it. They compliment it all the time & tell me, “your studio always smells so good!!!”. One client even told me that she can always smell my studio from the sidewalk! For my studio’s entire existence (9 years), it has been pumpkin spice – or some extremely close variation when I can’t find it at the store. (Sidenote: pick something you want to smell on the daily – certainly not something you don’t like – BUT make absolutely sure it isn’t too strong & certainly not bothersome to your clients. Remember, you want it to invite them in. If you don’t have a studio, it could be a body spray you wear at all times around clients – again something you love that they will love too. Test it out on friends & family. Ask for opinions – but above all, make sure it doesn’t bother your clients.

3. Sound: Easy. Peasy. Play music. Play music in your studio and/or on your shoots. I like to play Christian music at my studio. It’s calming & uplifting which sets the tone for a great photoshoot or appointment. *We’re gonna touch base on sound again in just a moment so stay tuned!

4. Touch: COMFORT & TEXTURE. In your viewing/consult area, make sure to have a comfy spot for clients to sit – with lots of comfy pillows and/or soft throws. Everything a client touches gives them a perceptive response. We want them to perceive comfort – we want them to WANT TO STAY & enjoy themselves. (Sit on your couch or chairs that you have for your clients – are they comfy??? No??? Get something that is or add a cushion/pillow to it. Uncomfortable clients don’t stay. Or they don’t book. Or they spend less – because all they can think about is how bad this chair hurts their back & how much that makes them want to leave… I brought texture up because this where your products come in. If you don’t have a studio – this is especially important. You need to have products that the client can TOUCH & FEEL. Products they can hold. Products with differing textures so you appeal to their sense of touch. Even your packaging should feel nice.

5. Taste: Provide something tasty! One of my besties, Alyssa Chappell, bakes homemade cookies for her client meetings. I actually have a jar full of hershey kisses & peppermint patties on my product table (because my branding is silver/white and those two candies come in silver wrappers). My returning clients come in KNOWING I’ll have those & immediately grab several. Last week, a Senior said she told her mom on the way to the studio, “Ms. Anne will have those hershey kisses! I can’t wait!” LOL Something so simple, yet memorable.

Appealing to ALL five senses is HUGE and if you aren’t already doing so, then NOW is the time to! Why? When you create happy sensory responses to each & every sense – your branding goes from being just-another-logo to a complete-brand-experience. This is the difference between clients spending a little and clients happily spending a lot!

Now, I mentioned we would come back to SOUND… and here we are: sound can be just as impressionable as your logo – especially in VIDEO. And consistent branding within my Films is just as important as my branding throughout the rest of my business. I wouldn’t change my logo with every client, so why would I change my song with every film? I license songs with repeated usage rights or unlimited usage rights and use them over and over in my Senior Films (typically all year long). This way, my audience recognizes my films IMMEDIATELY if they’ve seen one before – because they recognize the song. They also visually recognize the consistency of the “look” of my films (which we talked about up above) but they recognize it much sooner when I couple the visual consistency with an audible one, as well! And I want them to recognize it ASAP – I want them to KNOW my brand (even if they don’t realize they know it) – I want them to relate to it – for my brand to be familiar & desirable to a potential client. I want them to want me (my photography/videography, that is!). Think about all the little jingles you recognize from famous brands. You don’t recognize them because you only saw or heard the commercial once – you were exposed to it multiple times & now you know exactly what/who that jingle belongs to. Just last night, my husband was singing the Chili’s Babyback Ribs song… I mean, HOW LONG AGO WAS THAT COMMERCIAL?!? But neither of us will ever get it confused with Pizza Hut or Applebees. #MyHusbandIsCrazy #HeSaysIknewThatWhenImarriedHim 😉

Not to mention, using the same song over & over allows my editing time to be cut significantly. I am now able to edit, create & post a film in LESS THAN 2 hours when I use a song I already know all of the beats & transitions to… Lately, I’ve even had my editing down to 1.5 hours! BAM!

{Sidenote: I do NOT use the same song more than once for my wedding films… INSTEAD, I use the same genre of song which is a mix of folk/singer songwriter. Something that sets the tone for the film & is reminiscent of my wedding brand.}

Want to know more about the music I use in my Senior Films? Stay tuned for an upcoming post dedicated to my fave music websites & more… and sign up HERE for some SWEET FILM FREEBIES!