It’s That Time of Year!

I released my 2020 program Monday night… & by Tuesday morning 1/3 of my dates were BOOKED! Want to see my program details? Keep reading – I’m about to give you the link!

The secret to my program is that I photograph AND video their entire Senior Year (and it isn’t as hard or time consuming as it sounds)! Why? Because I’m not doing group shoots or themed shoots… instead, I attend a football game & create a Friday Night Lights Film (which they go CRAZYYYYYYYY over), or if they rodeo – I attend one of their events & create a film there! I create a film of them getting ready for prom & end by photographing them in all of their prom-readiness-glory! And for the grand finale’, I VIDEO GRADUATION & take their cap/gown portraits, too! My Seniors & their parents can’t get enough of the TRS Senior Year EXPERIENCE!

Here’s what I sent out to my Seniors:
CLICK HERE for the: 2020 TRS Senior Year EXPERIENCE App

VIDEO IS WHERE IT’S AT! And it’s time for you to learn. Join me at the Senior Films Workshop next month & learn EVERY SINGLE THING you need to shoot & edit your very own videos! BY THE WAY… SEATS ARE NEARLY G-O-N-E!!!

Check out the Senior Films Workshop Info HERE!!!