Learn How to EDIT Your Videos | Senior Films Video Workshop

Learn how to edit with Final Cut Pro X:

Learn how to edit with Premier Pro:

Maybe you already shoot video…

Maybe you’ve already experimented with the video button on your camera… maybe you feel somewhat confident in your video skills… maybe you feel you’re at a professional level of shooting video… but WHAT ABOUT EDITING???

 Once you’ve captured your footage – what’s next? Are you able to take those video clips & piece them together into an amazing film that will CAPTIVATE your audience and keep their eyes on you – or, are you at a loss as to what to do next?

Shooting the video clips is only half the battle… editing them into a polished film is literally the ICING ON THE CAKE. My number one concern with every film I create is keeping my audience’s attention. Keeping their attention from the moment they press play to very, very end of the last clip {my logo} – because IF my audience finds ANYTHING ELSE (text messages, snapchats, notifications) more interesting than my film – my entire film has failed. If my film fails, I don’t gain any exposure/business/future bookings from the film – which is one of my primary goals for each film I make.

In fact, editing is so important that half of my Senior Films Workshop is dedicated to teaching EVERY STEP of editing.  Whether you are a Mac user (meaning you would edit your films with Final Cut Pro X) or a PC user (Premier Pro would be your software) – I actually teach editing on BOTH softwares!

At the SENIOR FILMS WORKSHOP not only will you learn every facet of shooting video – you will also learn every facet of EDITING that video into an amazing FILM. Here are just a handful of the editing bullet points you will learn at the Senior Films Workshop:

How to choose your music & why.

How to edit to your music & why.

How to cull your footage with your audience in mind.

How to choose what clip BEGINS your film & what clip goes next and next and next…

How to trim your footage, color correct your footage, transition your footage.

How to add your photographs & logo.

How to add light leaks (or even create your own).

The list goes on & on.

AND you receive a Senior Films WORKBOOK & EDITING VIDEOS to take home with you (plus you get the  join the Senior Films secret group on FB for updates, help, inspiration & more!)!!!!

You need to be at the Senior Films Workshop this February but the seats are very limited & there are only a few left! So putting your name on a seat right N-O-W is imperative!

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