May Film Freebie (continued)

Hey there!

May’s Film Freebie is all about MUSIC!!! And if you haven’t already received my top 3 tips on selecting music for your films, make sure to sign up for the May Film Freebie here:

Now, the 4th tip is: WHERE DO I GET ALL OF MY MUSIC FROM?

I get this question a lot & I actually have a couple of answers:

My absolute favorite place to purchase music is . Their selection is limitless and I love the variety they offer. Regardless of the genre I’m looking for, MusicBed always has it. It’s definitely my go-to site. I also love a lesser known site called . BenSound is a small site with exclusive music & a selection of freebie songs (provided you credit them when posting your film), in case your looking to learn the video/music ropes without investing much/anything on music just yet. BenSound also has very reasonably priced songs for purchase. is also a great site to find songs, as well as .

Remember song writers & musicians are artists just like you & I. Please be respectful & legit – make sure to purchase LICENSED music for all of your film works.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! Have a look around the site, too, please. It’s brand spankin’ new & I have something AMAZING coming very, very soon! Oh, and don’t forget to grab the first portion of the May Film Freebie here: