Music is the SOUL of your film…

Music is quite literally the lifeline of your film. It’s what CONNECTS your viewer to what they are seeing. Think about it. Music tugs at your heart strings, changes your mood, calms you down or pumps you up. How do you think Hallmark gets you to cry at all of their Mother’s Day commercials??? It’s not just the footage you are watching. It is the MUSIC playing in the background of the commercial & the producers specifically chose that music to put you (the viewer) in the specific mood they want you to be in. Choosing the right soundtrack for your film is crucial. So, I’m laying out a few tips to help you in your pursuit of the perfect song!

(Wanna know where I find all of my music? Check out the link below!)

1. Know your audience. If your audience (clientele, potential clientele) is high school seniors you should steer clear of sappy, melodramatic songs… Not that you don’t want mom to cry when she sees the film – but a better song choice would be one with a great beat that leads up to a dramatic climax – THAT’S when mom will cry – and the senior (and the rest of your senior audience) will view the song as choice as cool! If your audience is expectant mothers, then certainly a soft, sweet, sappy song will connect that viewer to your film. And of course, an engagement or wedding film needs to have that romantic feel.

2. Keep your brand in mind. When I choose songs, I constantly ask myself, does this fit my client (or clientele as a whole) AND does this mirror my brand? As a filmmaker, your music needs to emulate your brand’s style. If your brand is hipster, urban & chic then make sure your music choice lends to that.

3. If you really struggle with music, get help! Ask a couple of friends to listen to a few of your top picks, tell them who your audience is (maybe even ask those in that demographic) & explain your brand style to them. Tell them to give you HONEST feedback – don’t ask them if they like the song – ask them does this song fit a family/the audience you are going for? What feeling(s) does this song provoke? Does this song match my brand of XYZ???

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