My current video gear AND wishlist LOL…

Check out the Monopod HERE!

This monopod goes with me EVERYWHERE: on every shoot for every portion of video. It acts as a stabilizer to reduce/eliminate camera shake & this is the ONLY one I recommend because it is so versatile.

Canon 7D Mark ii HERE

I use THIS camera body for VIDEO but I do not use this for portraits. For my portraits I use the Canon 5D Mark III. The reason for this is simple. I wasn’t ready to invest in an upgrade on my portrait camera but I needed a camera that offered 60 fps at the highest resolution & 5d Mark III did not offer that. So purchased a body that was a downgrade in portrait quality but an UPGRADE in video due to the fps/resolution settings.


Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 for Canon HERE

This lens is perfect for capturing  beautiful landscape footage during a session but I mostly use this lens at Weddings to video the full ceremony for that wide angle look. Oh, and for the details at a wedding – AMAZING!!!

Canon 85mm 1.8 HERE

No, this isn’t the bad boy 85 & yes, it may be a little slow to focus – but the CREAMY, DREAMY, GORGEOUS footage it gives me is spectacular!!!! I use this for the MAJORITY of my footage!


Canon 70-200mm 2.8 HERE

This is my go-to portrait lens. It basically never leaves my portrait camera except for RARE instances. Likewise for video, it is RARELY used – EXCEPT for weddings. When I am filming at the back of the aisle but obviously want a closeup of the ring exchange, vows or kiss – that happens with the 70-200. Be careful though, camera shake is eminent with this hefty lens on the monopod!




Canon 1D Mark ii HERE

Ya can’t always get what ya want… yay, well… I’m saving up because this is the MOTHER OF ALL CAMERAS & its video quality is GORGEOUSSSSSSSS. I actually rent one of these camera bodies for my wedding films. This is then the main camera I use for the footage, while my 7d mark ii collects the full ceremony from the back of the venue.


Canon 50mm 1.2 HERE

This pretty little lady gives a sharp footage with beautiful coloring & I am IN LOVEEEEEE with this lens! I rent this also to go with the 1D Mark ii for weddings. Can’t wait for the day I call this mine!!!


Canon 85mm 1.2 HERE

Well, it goes without saying… if the non-bad-boy-version of this lens is awesome then this must be incredible sooooo to the wishlist it goes!