Saying Goodbye to My Model Team | Senior Films Videography

If you’ve read my two previous posts about The Unicorn Effect, you know that I’ve said GOODBYE to my model team & no longer have one

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Due to what I have dubbed ‘The Unicorn Effect’, my model program became ineffective at bringing in referrals to my studio (The Reflections Studio). After careful consideration, I decided to close my Model Program. The end of my model team was a hard pill to swallow. It bruised my ego & made my heart ache. I was used to having models at tons of schools & I was accustomed to my team filling easily & quickly but things had changed. I realized it was time to make adjustments & ‘go with the flow’… And the reality is, that’s something we have to do often in business – we should be an ever changing entity so… The winds are changing at my studio. I’m learning to work this Unicorn Effect to my advantage!

Utilizing VIDEO was, for a few years, something fun that I added to my skillset just because… but NOW – VIDEO has led to the REPLACEMENT of my model team all together!

Now, when a SENIOR CLIENT signs up – I begin an all-year-long-experience with them. THEY are only signing up for their Senior portrait session (or so they think)… but I gift them an incredible experience from that moment forward. Let me walk you through exactly what I mean:

Melanie, a Senior, comes into my studio for her Senior portrait consultation. Melanie, her mother & I work to plan the most amazing session – something seriously PINTEREST WORTHY. Her session comes; the magic begins; the images are to-die-for… but we, as photographers, know that’s no longer enough… now the real work begins.

Melanie is a cheerleader… and I’ll be tagging along to a game or two. Oh, I know… you’ve already done cheer/football pictures at the Friday Night Games, right??? Hmmmm… well, I won’t be there for pictures… I’ll be there shooting a FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS FILM (now, I already have so check it out HERE)… Then a HOMECOMING FILM and a PROM FILM and a GRADUATION FILM… (and other milestones in between)… Melanie gets to invite her close friends (Seniors & Juniors) to take part in each one – and when it’s said and done: MELANIE’S ENTIRE SENIOR YEAR HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED via video (and portraits, too). All the while, these films are posted on social media – they tag tons of their friends – because guess who else was at the football games and prom and graduation… The films are shown around school & shared all over social media and then… EVERYONE wants to work with me because I have something they cannot find elsewhere: Senior Films!

{Take note: The themed shoots of the past are out the window now (at least for me). I’m not scheduling styled shoots or holiday themed shoots anymore – these films are actually of my Seniors in their SENIOR ELEMENT – the things that actually take place during their Senior year – their high school events! And events are so much more memorable than any themed session I can come up with – these events are things they have worked hard for, earned, dreamed of, waited for & will only experience once! To have a film of those events is completely priceless! In fact, my tag line is: Tell. YOUR. Story. {And that’s exactly what I’m doing!!!! I’m telling their Senior story – their ENTIRE Senior story!!! And they can’t get enough of it!!!} By the way, this is in addition to the Senior Film I create the day of their Senior portrait session.

And the coolest part??? It’s bringing me ORGANIC clients! Not. Referrals. Parents & Seniors are seeing these films through organic tags & shares on social media – even seeing themselves on the sidelines in these films & now want to be part of this phenomenon! BAM! Take that Unicorn Effect!!!!

THIS is why you need to be at the next SENIOR FILMS WORKSHOP… And the seats are dwindling. Like, seriously: DO. NOT. WAIT!!!!  Click HERE for the Senior Films Workshop Details!

See for yourself as my Seniors dawn their cap & gowns, walk across the stage & claim their diplomas in this GRADUATION FILM:

OH, & STAY TUNED FOR THAT FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS FILM! (To make sure you get to see it, sign up here for blog updates & fun freebies: CLICK HERE)