So how difficult is this video thing anyway???

I believe in simplicity…

When I started shooting video, I told myself it had to be easy or I wasn’t going to do it. So I kept tweaking my video process until I developed a method that was S-I-M-P-L-E. Take this film of Josh & Sarah’s engagement for example: this could have taken FOREVER to film. It could have been crazy difficult.
But. It. Wasn’t.

All in all, I say we spent 20 minutes actually shooting video while the rest of the time we took their engagement portraits. AND 20 minutes for me is wayyy more time than I’d normally take – but come on now: that boat… #PhotogHeaven

What if, for just 15-20 extra minutes, you could shoot a gorgeous film for each of your clients? What if that 15 or so extra minutes was able to set you apart from the crowd of photographers in your area, reviving your creativity & revamping your business???

Today is the day to stop saying WHAT IF. Today is the day you grab one of the last remaining seats to the Senior Films Workshop & learn how to SIMPLY create gorgeous, dreamy, applause worthy films that your clients will be drooling over – AND paying you for!

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