SOLVING the Unicorn Effect

{If you haven’t read the previous post, make sure to do so first or you are going to be sooooo lost! Check it out HERE} 😉

So what can I do to combat this crazy UNICORN CONUNDRUM? Be different. Be unique. BE THE UNICORN… Well, duh… but how do I do that????????

I have begun a huge campaign to set myself apart from the crowd.

On the Senior front, I have added MULTIPLE things to my repertoire’. Let me count the ways 😉

First of all, I will drive far & wide to amazing locations – it doesn’t matter how far either. (Now… I get PAID big bucks for it – but I will drive anywhere). I’m also the photographer who WILL do crazy (safe but crazy; legal but crazy) things such as shooting with a PIANO, IN THE WATER, AT THE BEACH… Such as contacting local airports that offer flight lessons & pay to rent their planes for sessions (to photograph them; not fly them LOL).

I offer TRASH THE DRESS: the last part of their session at the end of the day – their dress (any dress – sun dress, prom dress, etc) in the water at the beach or river. I get in the water with them. I help them pose & fix their hair… I make the end as epic as the entire session!!!

I have a SECRET resource that owns tons of vintage cars (these types of resources are easy to find – you see a cool, old car – talk to the owner!!!) – I rent the car for an hour at the owner’s home/yard. THE SENIORS LOVE THIS!

I offer DESIGNER THEATRICAL GOWNS during their sessions – I’m sure you’ve seen them on my FB posts or snapchat. The designer is a SECRET from my clients – they choose the color, I rent the gown – the gown comes in and we shoot with it during their session.


Pay attention because THIS is the real GAME CHANGER –

It is SO different. It is EXTREMELY unique. And for now, it is UNAVAILABLE unless they book with ME… My seniors email/call me asking how to get their very own Senior Film – they don’t even mention their portraits!!!!! (Of course, they want their portraits, but you see… I have this unicorn thing that they all want & can’t get elsewhere!!! I have this skillset that is unique to my region & the Seniors LOVEEEEEEEE it. This thing – this VIDEO thing – has taken over social media, our cell phones & now Senior portraits (it took over weddings years ago)… So who do you want to be? The owner of that unicorn or the studio across the street who wishes they had that unicorn???

Does this really make a difference in the crazy Unicorn Effect???? Actually, it does. Being the photographer who is willing to offer/do/create such DIFFERENT, crazy, fun, amazing, OUTLANDISH things for my Seniors means they care so much less about the fact that a friend may or may not have used me for their Senior pics – but because I am SOOOO different in everything I shoot & offer, they see me differently and have to have me for their Senior session.

On the Wedding front, I’ve added – you guessed it – VIDEOOOOO… I now offer BOTH Wedding Photography & Films at the same time – which brides LOVE because I take the place of two vendors instead of one – this helps them in the planning process because they don’t have to find and deal with two separate vendors – AND it’s more cost effective to hire one vendor instead of the two. So while ‘Sally’s bridesmaids’ may be concerned about hiring the “same” photographer – it’s not quite the same when I offer 2 completely different products (photos & video) to that new bride AND I increase my bottom line whenever ANY bride adds video which helps to makeup the difference lost by those who ‘can’t’ use me because their bestie already did! 😉

So my question to you is this? Are you ready? Are you prepared for the Unicorn Effect? Are you offering something AMAZINGLY different before someone else does? Are you unique enough?

If you want to learn this crazy video phenomenon called Senior Films, there are only a handful of seats left for 2018. You owe it to yourself & your business to learn; to be the first; to be unique; to beat the unicorn at it’s own game when it comes trotting into your town… Grab the unicorn by the horn! LOL! The time to learn video is NOW.

You can grab all the details of the 2018 Senior Films Workshop HERE

or you can go directly to those few remaining seats & put your name on one HERE! 

Take a look at my most recent Senior Film with Ms. Alexis and see for yourself how I’ve got that Unicorn on the run!!!