The ONLY 2018 Senior Films Workshop…

The. One. And. Only…

(Image of the Steele House: where the 2018 Senior Films Workshop takes place.)

I love photography. I love videography. And I love to teach both! My workshops are, by far, one of the most FUN & REWARDING things I do all year long in my career – but that has to be balanced well with my family life & family comes first.

After some discussion & decision making with my great friend, Teri Fode, we have both decided not to host a 2018 FUSION Workshop (which is a combination of my Senior Films & her Voice Your Brand Workshops). Now, we do have one coming up next month – but it has been SOLD OUT for some time. While we are leaving the door open to possibly hold one in 2019 or 2020, we both feel the need to be at home with our families more. Hosting a workshop so far from both of our homes/studios takes a lot more planning/time away from our families & studio responsibilities.

If you follow Senior Films, you know that I only offer my workshops once or twice a year. So, what that means for 2018 is this: since I am already hosting 1 workshop here (at my normal location – WHICH IS ALMOST SOLD OUT with just 2 seats left!!!) this February & another one directly after that in Sandestin, FL, for those attending SYNC – this will be the ONLY CHANCE for you to attend a Senior Films Videography Workshop in ALL OF 2018!!!

VIDEO IS THE PLACE TO BE! It’s how you set yourself apart from your competition & stand out to your clientele. The photography industry is learning to embrace video & our clients are beginning to EXPECT it. So – with ONLY A FEW SEATS LEFT to the 2018 Senior Films Workshop, the time put your name on a seat is T-O-D-A-Y!

CLICK HERE for the details of the February Workshop (ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT)!

Or, if you are attending SYNC – CLICK HERE – for the Sandestin Workshop details!