What’s the difference? Senior Films HERE, Senior Films THERE & Mentorships

Really, what’s the difference?!?

I get this question all the time & I totally understand! You wanna know the difference between the regular Senior Films Workshop located in my hometown, the one located in Sandestin & a one-on-one-mentorship.

So, let’s start with what’s not different – The training includes the Senior Films Workbook with editing videos, hands-on training from turning your video function on – all the way through settings, filming, etc. & of course, in-depth editing of your film. You can literally leave with a FINISHED FILM to post on social media!!! Also, the cost for Senior Films training is the same across the board: $1500 & all options are available on payments. And yes, models are included in all three options. 🙂

Here’s what is different:

LOCAL: My local Senior Films Workshop takes place in Glen St. Mary, Florida, where I rent a historic home for everyone to stay in (as there are no local hotels that are… ummm… well… not gross LOL.) (Plus I really, really love this type of learning environment!) Attendees arrive the night before class begins so that travel doesn’t interfere with class time starting the first morning. I serve 2 home cooked dinners (one the night of check-in), provide breakfast plus snacks foods & we all go out for lunches & one dinner. The total cost for this workshop is $1695 ($1500 for the workshop & $195 for the house rental/accommodations). I simply divide the fee of renting the house & include that in the price. Check in is February 23rd; class/training is February 24th & 25th.

SANDESTIN: Since SYNC Attendees can’t make it to the 24th/25th workshop, I am bringing Senior Films to SYNC Attendees! I will travel to Sandestin on the 26th & prep the hotel room for the workshop. We will probably have a mixer that evening IF everyone is up for it – but I do understand if everyone is exhausted from SYNC and needs an evening to rest up. This workshop will take place at the SYNC/Sandestin resort on February 27 & 28. I will serve a home cooked dinner on the 27th & provide breakfast plus snacks foods both days. We will all go out for lunches & then dinner on the 28th. Attendees will simply stay in the hotel rooms you’ve already reserved for SYNC (or feel free to room together with others staying for Senior Films). The cost for this workshop is $1500 since it does not include accommodations.

***The ONLY difference between the Local & Sandestin workshops is literally the location/house/resort. (And psst… these are the ONLY Senior Films Workshops for 2018…)

One-on-One Mentorship: My mentorships last for an entire day. Hands-on training all day long. You learn EVERYTHING you would at a workshop – just in a different learning environment (i.e. not a group setting). Class time takes place at my studio. You also leave with a fully edited film, the workbook & editing videos – just as a workshop attendee would. The total cost is $1500, lunch is on me, and snacks, too. 🙂 I send you a list of NICE hotels that are just outside of town in a NICE AREA but accommodations are not included. Mentorships take place on weekdays only & are available based on my crazy schedule, LOL. You tell me the month you’d like & I’ll send you the dates available.

Choosing is hard, I know… Here’s what I always advise everyone who asks what option is better:

Priority number one is your best learning environment. Do you learn best in a (small) group setting or do you learn better one on one? Are you more comfortable in a (small) group or one on one? Would you prefer to learn over the course of two days or one? I don’t want you to simply learn video… I want you to EXCEL at video. Let’s do this!!!

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